Monday, June 9, 2008

Plan B: 1001 Noisy at Netvibes (more ways to promote your blogs and sites)

As we saw last week, even Amazon's vast array of server farms was not safe from Murphy and his Law. So we decided to make an official Plan B page at Netvibes. If there any technical issues with this blog, we will post status updates at Netvibes, so our readers will know what's going on in case of blog server technical issues.

But since we are using NetVibes, we might as well take full advantage of its features. There you will find a wall of updates from all the Noisy blogs (this one, DSLR Map, Camera Charts and RAWsumer). If you find our RSS feed "too noisy", then perhaps you can follow all the updates on the NetVibes wall :-)

We will also add links to some of our favorite websites and blogs and things like that. This is being worked on as we speak, so you will see new things added to it every few minutes. Here is a screenshot teaser:

Want to add your website or feed to the NetVibes Wall?
If you want to promote your website or feed on our NetVibes page, please let us know! For websites and blogs, we'll add the link. But if you also want to promote your RSS feed, please let us know which feed to use, and how many post titles you want listed (default is five). We will set it up so clicks will open up the post on your website, not inside NetVibes. That way you get new visitors! If you prefer clicks open in NetVibes, let us know.

If you have any other content you want featured please let us know as well. We will try to be as networking-friendly as possible. Here are some of the websites listed there.

For questions and such be sure to send us an email to:

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1001 noisy cameras said...

There are a couple of technical issues with some of the items in some of the tabs. Hopefully it will get sorted out soon!