Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rejected blog post ideas (oh my!)

We post a lot of silly posts (really), but wait until you see some of the ideas that never made it to a published post! The wait is over, here they are:

"Six ways to take unflattering pictures of your mother-in-law", and expose the monster she really is! Consider this a photojournalism project, this will get you partial immunity from your spouse's wrath!

"UFO Conspiracy: Why are cameras designed to photograph The Grays?" Are the Aliens in total control of the camera and photo industry? Is Earth a slave planet producing cameras for the Grays? Why are the CIPA numbers different from the sales numbers? Where do the missing cameras go? We also dig further into the "Gray 17" cover-up and the fake science behind it!

"Cameras, They Steal Your Soul - Startling New Evidence!": New research shows that every time your picture is taken, you lose about 10 nanoqwarkzints from your soul! If you see a Casio EX-F1, run FAST!

"Is your camera cheating on you? How can you find out? Take the Quiz! And learn how to really tell if your camera is "clicking" with someone else!

"Real Men Don't Use Point and Shoots": We delve deeper into the psyche of the insecure male photographer with our resident psychologist, Dr. Kwazy Fraud, D.F.A.

"Tripod vs Monopod": From our video library, two photography college students battle it out, Ninja style. Paramedics are standing by!

"Delicious little cameras that match your handbag!" Oh they are so gorgeous! We love them! And they even take pictures!

"Six killer ab exercises for the working photographer": This actually sounds like a quasi-serious idea :)

"Why the Nikon D40 is the only DSLR you'll ever need": Oops, we think someone else wrote about this already ;-)


Lux said...

There are actually at least three not-so-stupid ideas in there...

1001 noisy cameras said...

Which ones? Which ones? :-)