Saturday, June 14, 2008

Relive PMA 2008 with the June edition of Shutterbug

If you buy only one issue of Shutterbug every year, the one that recaps PMA is the one to get. They feature comprehensive wall to wall coverage. Most websites and blogs have in-depth coverage of 35mm DSLRs and lenses along with digital cameras but not a whole lot of attention is paid to other equipment and accessories. Shutterbug on the other hand, tries to cover almost everything.

But we can't ignore the elephant in the room. And the elephant in the room is the calendar. PMA 2008 took place in late January 2008 and Shutterbug posted their PMA round-up in their June 2008 issue. Ouch! The silver lining? It's a good recap to digest before the new wave of product announcements coming up at Photokina 2008.

Some of the things you may find of interest in this issue:

  • Page 22 speculates half a dozen 35mm full frame DSLRs in 2008. If we do the math, that means three new ones, one of which is expected to be the Sony "A900" flagship.
  • Their editors pick up their "Best of Show" products, which included some mild surprises
  • Medium format and film is covered, but their film coverage was reduced to 1/3rd of a page this year since there are not many new happenings in the world of film.
  • If you are a fan of B&H Photo, they have a 21-page mini-catalog embedded inside the magazine. That's right, 21 pages of B&H goodies!
  • Mamiya has a $10,000 "value meal" promotion ;-)
  • If you are feeling a blast from the past, Shutterbug continues to provide a good old reader service card

Our recommendation? If you are looking for a PMA refresher, and like to flip through magazines, the June 2008 issue is a good one to get!

Shutterbug is available at your local news-stand/bookstore. You can get an annual subscription at Amazon for $12 per year, and even less if you use one of the online magazine discount services that offer packages of magazines.

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