Monday, June 23, 2008

Impact Reviews: Olympus E420 and 25mm pancake lens

We have two impact reviews for the price of one today! The dpreview team has published their reviews of the Olympus E420 DSLR, that small and adorable DSLR, and the 25mm pancake lens that is ideally suited for that lens. The E420 review is by Lars Rehm, and the 25mm pancake review is by Andy Westlake, the designated lens reviewer.

The E420 review has been added to the E420 profile page at DSLR Map, where you will find at least ten E420 reviews. With this review, the E420 completes its power-trio of reviews (dpreview, Imaging Resource and DC Resource). Links to all those reviews in the DSLR Map page mentioned earlier in this paragraph.

What did they find out? Well, if you want spoilers jump to page #30 of the E420 review and page #4 of the lens review to find out. Our review preview is spoiler-free. But one thing is for sure this is going to spark a lot of discussions among Olympus and Four Thirds users.

History of E420 and 25mm pancake lens
The E420 and the 25mm were born together in March 2008. The E420 is one of eleven new DSLRs announced so far in 2008, and one of two new Olympus DSLRs in 2008 (the other being the E520).

Reactions to the reviews
The Olympus SLR Talk forum users at dpreview have created two organized threads discussing the E420 review (60+ posts) and the pancake lens review (35+ posts). Some are providing counter-examples with actual pictures taken with the pancake.

A nice touch is that in both of these big threads above the reviewers are participating and answering user questions (usually critiques) in a calm and collected manner.

One forum user calls the review fair and balanced. What do the other forum users think? Another user reviews the review site, as a reaction ot the latest review findings. Read on to find out!

And a bonus user review, a Canon 40D user is reviewing both the E420 and pancake. What did the Canonite think?

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