Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rumors: Fuji F120fd, from Singapore with love

While strolling the cyber-aisles of the dpreview forums, we noticed this interesting rumoralia thread discussing a potential Fuji F120fd. The rumor comes from a forum user via a camera store in Singapore with a one-degree of separation from a Fuji representative. Some main specs are discussed, but not many specifics. You can check the dpreview Fuji forums thread in full page mode (flat) or threaded mode (one message per page) for more details. We don't want to spoil the rumors here :)

Fuji F120fd Rumor Box Score
We introduced this a few weeks ago with the Nikon D3x and D10 full frame rumors. So now we have another rumor box score.

Hard Evidence?None
Degrees of Separation?Three
Common Sense TestSounds reasonable

Most recent Fuji cameras in this segment
The most recent camera in this segment from Fuji was the Finepix F100fd, announced in January 2008 at PMA time. Before that we had the F50fd, which got an impact review at dpreview. Currently the F100fd sells at around $350 (Amazon), and the F50fd at around $200.

Just a month ago Fuji in association with Ritz and Wolf was "giving away" the F45fd for $100 after mail-in rebate. This prompted an impromptu Fuji F45fd profile. The F45fd is essentially the F40fd in a different color body, and uses the 8mp 1/1.6" sensor, which is the one that came after the 6mp "Magic" sensor.

And before we go, in other Fuji news, the Fuji E900 was inducted in the Serious Compacts Hall of Fame. On a totally unrelated note, Pete Rose bought an E900 off eBay and crashed it ;-)

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