Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rumors of a Nikon Press Event on June 30 in the UK

This is a rumors and speculation post. If you are not interested, eject now :) The forums and the photoblogosphere are buzzing with Nikon rumoralia at the moment. One possible date mentioned for something new is June 30, which according to the following discussion thread in the dpreview Nikon forums there will be a Nikon Press Event on June 30 [allegedly]. For more Nikon rumors, check

Of course a press event does not make a camera, or even an exciting camera, let's not forget the kerfuffle with the Coolpix SQ! But enough with being a Debbie Downer!

Now let's do something fun, let's tell Nikon what we want (or expect) to see announced on June 30. The options in the poll are a collection of speculation and rumors:

  1. Nikon D80s, or D80x or D85 or D90: A follow-up to the Nikon D80, with the name depending on the feature set. We've seen the "x" (D40x over D40) and the "s" (D70s over D70) in digital naming patterns already.
  2. Nikon D300X: A D300-like body but using the D3 sensor or a similar or derived sensor, or some sort of a 35mm full frame sensor
  3. Nikon D10: A 35mm full frame DSLR that fits in between the D300 and the D3. We talked about this in April 2008.
  4. Nikon D3x: The new flagship that takes on the Canon 1Ds Mark III
  5. Nikon Super-Weapon: The mythical five-figure DSLR that was rumored (very soft rumors) about earlier on and could be the mythical "modular" or have some other "super" capability
  6. Nikon Digital Rangefinder: Let's give the rangefinders some love!
  7. Nikon EVIL/fixed-lens with APS-C sensor: There were some very soft rumors of this too
  8. Another "Coolpix SQ": Aka nothing exciting.
  9. Other: What else do you want/think/expect? Reader-submitted entries so far: "D80ish camera with a CF card slot", "D70x with 1/8000 flash sync", "delivery of promised PC lenses", and "AF-S 28mm f/1.4 N"

The early results so far show grounded optimism and expectations. The dream-like "Super-DSLR" got only a very small percentage of the vote, while the more realistic D10 and D80*/D90 are leading the way, followed by the D3X, D300X, digital rangefinder, and the mythical "EVIL" one. All hypothetical cameras of course, unless or until they are officially announced and released.

Want to vote some more on Nikon future products? Check the poll at!

2 comments: said...

I like the poll - I was thinking to do something similar on my blog, but you beat me. Pretty much matches my expectation.

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks! You can still do it - it would be interesting to see more data/opinions on these.

The D80-followup is interesting, since Nikon might not want to disrupt the continuing momentum of the D300, which I am assuming must be a very profitable camera. After all it only dropped about $100 in the US market since its introduction last summer.