Friday, June 6, 2008

Shopper Alert: Panasonic TZ4K for $210 (and Olympus Stylus 770SW for $200)

We interrupt our preparations for our alternative-ish Father's Day Gift Ideas post for an update on a weekend deal on the Panasonic TZ4K! The good people of J&R World are offering the TZ4K for $210 plus $7 UPS shipping.

For more on the TZ4K, be sure to check its leak-troduction in late January here at 1001 Noisy and the summary of the new Panasonics at PMA 2008.

We are a poor blog so we can't review cameras, but we can review lens caps. But thankfully there are many other websites that review digital cameras on a regular basis, and have reviewed the TZ4, such as Steve's Digicams, Digital Camera Review, Trusted Reviews, and CNet with Lori Grunin. CNet of course is now becoming part of CBS. Look for a "CSI CNet" in your Fall 2009 TV listings ;-)

And speaking of reviews, if you missed it, be sure to check out our 10 million page repor(t) on who reviews digital cameras.

Because we did the Father's day Gift Ideas we won't have our regular Friday Weekend Shopper installment this week. But we don't want our bargain hunters to feel left out, so here is a nice deal for those not "afraid" of the xD memory card format, the Olympus Stylus 770SW has dropped in price at Amazon from $250 to $200! The SW stands for the shockproof and dustproof line of Olympus models. The 770SW was announced in January 2007.

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