Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rumors: Sony Alpha A800 DSLR rumors along with A900 and A700 replacement?

A busy thread at the Camera Labs forums talks about future Sony Alpha DSLRs, including the Alpha A800 DSLR, which is rumored to be an "affordable" 35mm full frame DSLRs to compete with the allegedly upcoming Canon 5D Mark II and the alleged Nikon D700, or Nikon D10, or whatever they name it :-)

Also mentioned is the expected A900 flagship and potentially an A700-replacement. The A700 got a bad deal from Sony as it got blitzed by the A350/A300/A200 trio shortly after its announcement. Also mentioned at the Camera Labs discussion are upcoming lenses. This is a 4+ page discussion, so check it all out at the Camera Labs Sony forum.

The "A700X" name mentioned there we are assuming is just a placeholder, not an actual model name, since Sony's naming convention for DSLR kits includes "W", "K", "P", and "X", depending on which lenses the camera is bundled with.

As mentioned half a dozen times already in this post, these are rumors! And they have been added to our giant Photokina 2008 Rumor Central.

Update on June 27
More detailed discussions of these rumors at the Camera Talk forum at, as well as the Sony Alpha flickr forum, which includes detailed spec-speculation of the three upcoming DSLRs.

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Update July 10
Photographer Yves Roumazeilles talks about the possibility of an Alpha A800.

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