Monday, June 16, 2008

Stoned and dethroned: Panasonic TZ5 takes the #1 spot at Amazon!

We never thought this day would ever come, Canon has lost the #1 spot in the latest Amazon Top Selling Digital Camera Charts. Canon usually has most, if not all, of the top ten cameras at Amazon, yet this new 2008 model has "stolen" the #1 spot from Canon. Check the latest Top Sellers chart for all the details.

I think we spoiled the big surprise, so here is the screenshot teaser below:

The TZ-series rules: Yes, the Panasonic TZ5K is the current #1. Canon rarely loses the #1 spot to other brands, and this can be considered a minor crowning achievement for the TZ5. Looks like Panasonic has "found" something with the TZ-series. Perhaps they should REALLY consider producing a more advanced version with things like PSAM and RAW? And since we are making "noise" about the TZ5, here is the dpreview review.

Canon S5 IS supply issues: Amazon is currently back-ordered on S5-IS, which has caused the camera to drop and lose its [Top Zoom] belt as it is sold by 3rd parties at $330+. But the camera is currently available at Circuit City for $300.

Price Cuts cause Jumps: The Canon SD950-IS has dropped down to $300 and this promptly got this 12mp camera to jump all the way to the Top 10.

Canon DSLRs: The XSi 450D kit continues to drop in price, currently at $840, putting price pressure on just about every DSLR under the sun, with the exception perhaps of the $1500+ segment... The 40D power duo (body only, and kit with EF 28-135 lens) continue to remain in the Top 20, and that is not an easy feat considering their prices... On the other hand the 5D Mark I is not doing as well as the D300 despite its favorable price ($1900) and "35mm-full-frameness".

Nikon DSLRs: The D300 body only continues to knock on the top 25's door, currently at $27!

First non-CaNikon DSLR: To promote diversity we are also tracking the top DSLR that is not a Canon or Nikon. And once again, we find the Olympus E510 2-lens kit to be leading the way. And thanks to a small price cut this E510 kit has now jumped in the top 30. The only other non-CaNikon DSLR is the Pentax K200D with the kit lens, whose price is flirting with $550 (after the $100 mail-in rebate which is part of the Pentax Gear-Up Rebate program. Also entering the bottom of the Top 100 is the Sony A200K (A200 + 18-70 DT) lens, thanks to a price cut by Sony bringing the price down to $500.

The Top Hyperzoom: And by hyperzoom we mean a zoom ratio of over 12X, such as the 15X, 18X and 20X superzooms. The Olympus SP570uz jumps over the competition this time around and leads the way at #31, thanks to slow but steady dollar-a-day-type price drops. Following that is the Panasonic FZ18K (around $300 at reputable 3rd party sellers), the Nikon P80, FZ18 silver, and the Sony H50 which returned to the $400 price (up from $350).

Moving on up: The Ruby Red version of the Nikon L18 is starting to pick up momentum. The ruby red color certainly gets your attention.

The Grays are coming! Someone call Art Bell! But do let him know that we are talking about the gray Canon A470 returning to the Top 25 ;-)

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