Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Top Selling DSLRs: Time lapse Charts at Calumet Photo

We have an evolution (or intelligent design if you prefer) of The Charts feature. We are trying a third variation, by looking at the top five DSLRs at Calumet Photo. This is a "time lapse" Chart, as it strings together a series of Top 5 Charts. The source of the data is the Calumet Photo e-newsletter. The dates are the dates a new e-newsletter is sent out.

June 2412345
June 1712345
June 1012345
June 312345
May 2812345
May 2012345
May 1412345
May 612345
April 2912345
April 2212354
April 1512354
April 812354
April 112354
March 2612354
March 1812435
March 1112354
March 412354
Febr 2612354
Febr 1912345
Febr 1212435

We are using shortcut names in the table for space-saving reasons. Here is the mapping to their full names. You will also find a list of reviews for each DSLR, the links point to the DSLR Map profile page for each DSLR:

And while we are talking about Calumet, they also have a special promotion to save up to $200 on a Travelite Kits at Calumet Photographic!. There is no code necessary for this offer which ends on July 31st. They offer free shipping with orders over $75, which will obviously apply to those purchasing Travelite kits. The savings range from $80 to $200, and the promotion includes models 1125, 1500, 1875, 2250 among others.

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