Sunday, June 8, 2008

Week in review (June 1-7, 2008)

Welcome to another edition of our weekly recap! If you missed any recent posts, this is a good place to recap the many posts posted this past week.

A new DSLR reference blog is born!
For fans of DSLRs and DSLR reviews, we launched a new blog, The DSLR Map. The purpose of this reference blog is to "map" the DSLR market in a simple and user-friendly fashion. In Phase I it includes lists of DSLR reviews organized in a three-column patterns that promotes a wider range of opinions. Check it out!

This blog is an evolution of the DSLR Review Matrix which grew too long and cumbersome to navigate through. The DSLR Map is the total opposite, very simple and "breezy". Screenshot teaser right below:

New Announcements
Pentax made official the 17-70 DA f4 SDM lens that was announced as under development at PMA 2008.

Irregular Features
We posted our semi-alternative Father's Day Gift Ideas, and the suggestions range from priceless to $100,000 :)

Dpreview's new singer-reviewer posted the Sony A350 review, and the reactions were quite interesting. The A350 uses a 14mp APS-C sensor with improved Live View compared to competitor's DSLRs.

It was a rather quiet rumor week, but there was some chatter about a potential Fuji F120fd, which would follow-up on the current F100fd. Oh and another rumor, is Panasonic dropping out of Four Thirds? Again, please note that these are rumors!

Attention B&H shoppers! B&H Photo will be closed until Wednesday morning in observance of religious holidays.

Regular Features
We had two episodes of our anything goes round-ups, one super-sized edition, which even included a theme song, and another that focused solely on Nikon.

A new episode of our now weekly Discover New Sites and Blogs was posted, with new sites to look "explore". If you have any websites, blogs or portfolios/galleries to nominate, just let us know. There is a (Contact Us) button at the top right corner of the blog template - the one with the silly Papyrus font.

Missed the Noisy Buzz? Check what was popular, both inside and inside-out of this blog box.

As usual we had two updates in the on-going best sellers list soap-opera, one on Monday and another one on Thursday.

If you missed last week's weekly summary be sure to retro-catch-up!

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