Sunday, June 22, 2008

Week in review (June 15 to 21, 2008)

Another week is in the books, and with less than 100 days to Photokina 2008, things are starting to heat up!

New Products and Big Rumors
The new product of the week was the new Sony flagship flash HVL-F58AM, while new pictures of the upcoming A900 flagship body surfaced through Asia.

But the biggest bang came from an alleged leak via China of a new 35mm full frame Nikon D700 DSLR, which will allegedly be using a 12mp sensor, similar perhaps to the one found in the legendary D3.

Meanwhile Leica gave some Leicaphiles some details about their upcoming plans, but of course these are not official announcements. Let's not forget what happened to their previous CEO when he pre-announced certain plans.

Also buzzing, some rumor-speculations of a possible Kodak take-over, fueled by the busy-buzzy stock market message boards.

And if rumors are not enough, we posted our first prosumer speculations of the Photokina season. Please note that speculation is different from rumors. Speculation is a mixing bowl where you throw in rumors, historical patterns, wishful thinking, reading of the tea leaves, and just about anything else.

On the concrete news front, Nikon Capture NX 2 has started shipping. Presumably in cardboard boxes, not concrete boxes ;-)

The Markets
The Weekend Shopper is back, but with an abbreviated edition!

We had our usual duo of Amazon top selling digital camera charts soap, with the Panasonic TZ5K stealing the #1 spot from the Canon Armies of Darkness on Monday. But fear not, the world returned to normal when Canon reclaimed the #1 spot.

We also created a time-lapse chart, showing the Top 5 DSLRs at Calumet Photo since mid-February 2008. Yes, a Canon-vs-Nikon love-fest as you can expect.

And yet another chart, a tiny one this time, a snapshot of the top selling RAWsumers at Amazon. Oh come on digital camera manufacturers, add RAW to your digital cameras! If nothing else, you can sell more RAW development software!

Reference Material
If you like some handy resource and reference material, we picked nine reference posts out of the 1000+ posts in this blog for you to consider and bookmark!

These include the newly launched Digital Cameras List, where all the current and recent models are listed on a page, organized by sensor-size for those who like to organize cameras by sensor-size. This is only Phase I of this project, but the page itself is a great reference for those who want to sort through the 200+ current digital cameras.

Regular and irregular features
Because of the new news and rumors, and because of a series of blog template updates, we were not able to post many of the regular posts. All apologies to fans of "Photography Soup" and "Discover New Sites" and such.

But Sunday saw the return of "VIDI", our Sunday faux-editorial, with an actually serious blame-torial, talking about professional photographers complaining about people with digital cameras "stealing" their jobs. This post was discussed in the latest edition of "Around the Net" at Pro Photo Life, the blog of a seasoned professional photographer. What did he think? Did he grab us by the ear for what we wrote? Or not? Read on to find out!

And if you missed our posts from the week before, check last week's weekly rewind, covering June 8 to 14, 2008.

We did have a special post celebrating the world record breaking attempt by Firefox 3 downloads, and we were one of the 8 million plus downloads from around the world.

And we had an experiment yesterday, trying out a new web service that lets you print your blog like a newspaper. The 1001 Noisy Herald? Or the 1001 Noisy Observer? ;-)

And now to something fun, rejected blog post ideas that ended up on the blogging cutting room floor ;-)

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