Sunday, June 15, 2008

Week in review (June 8 to 14, 2008)

We are 100 days to Photokina 2008, have you bought tickets and made hotel reservations yet? If not, fear not, we will cover Photokina here, remotely. It is our staycation (aka holistay) :)

New Equipment this week!
Canon surprised a few people with the timing, they introduced the Canon Digital Rebel XS 1000D, that was the subject of rumors earlier on. Interesting they have yet to make announcements for price and availability in the US market. What are they hiding? ;-)

I don't want to start any blasphemous rumors...
Nikon rumors are buzzing around the nets, but nothing official yet. But you can vote in our Nikon speculation poll, what do you want/expect Nikon to announce if indeed there is a June 30th press event?

Meanwhile four of Pop Photo's people sat around a table and speculated without breaking any NDAs. Where were the people under NDA? Presumably out there taking photos for their upcoming previews/reviews or getting wined and dined by the "Big SLR" lobbyists? ;-)

A new Digg-like website has come up that deals exclusive with photography rumors! Meet A brief discussion and introduction in this post.

Noisy Reviews
Sure everyone reviews DSLRs, but how many places review magazines? Very few! So we reviewed the June 2006 edition of Shutterbug. and a six-page Nikon glossy ad. At this rate, we may graduate to lens cap reviews by 2012 ;-)

Feeling the Net ...Vibes?
In an attempt to make this blog's content easier to find and process, we have created a series of proof of concept "views" of this blog at Netvibes. For more on this, be sure to check the introductory post, along with the latest updates.

Regular Columns
A new episode of Discover New Sites and Blogs was posted mid-week, with a new wave of diverse websites and blogs featured. If you have a website or blog you'd like to see featured, let us know!

With the new Canon DSLR, the NetVibes experiment, and the rumoralia, we did not have enough time for our other regular columns. But they will certainly come back, unless more new news pre-empts them. These include Photography Soup (Canon Day), regular Photography Soup, Forum Digest, Inside the Insider, Digital Lens Round-ups, RAWsumer coverage, experimental new features, and much more.

If you missed last week's recap, here it is, covering the week of June 1 to 7, 2008.

Irregular Columns
An in-depth interview with chief Pentaxian was the topic of this post. The review itself was at Yes, we review interviews too ;-)

We introduced our readers to two of the greatest gurus in the field, Beale O'Lierry and Annie Kolder. They have both written a number of best selling books on the subject including "The No Deadpixel Zone" and "If Nikonians and any brains they'd be Canonites", "How to talk to an Olympus User (If You Must)", and the biggest seller of all time, "Soul-less: The Church of Bayer Sensors" ;-)

We also added a new "Top Stories Now" box at the top-left corner of the blog, so our readers can quickly catch up with the latest posts and the latest buzz.

Market Updates
Sony had price cuts across their line-up, amidst criticism of their "price fixing" practices. List prices dropped $100 to $200 on DSLR kits ($200 for the 2-lens kits), and $50 for their Cybershot flagship trio (W300, H50 and T300).

As usual we had two new top selling digital camera charts updates, one on Monday, and another one on Thursday. There we see that the Canon 40D kits and the new Panasonic TZ-series models continue to show strength, while Canon's stables, the G9 and S5-IS are not as readily available as they used to.

Planning to plan?
You can get a rough schedule of what posts to expect in the noisy planning session. New camera announcements and rumors do pre-empt our regular programming though.

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