Sunday, June 1, 2008

Week in review (May 26 to June 1st)

Welcome to another weekly round-up! So what happened in the last seven days? Lettuce take a look!

New Blog "IPO" on Monday
It's a running joke that there are at least a dozen blogs trapped inside 1001 Noisy. On Monday, one of them will go "IPO". Regular readers may be familiar with the DSLR Review Matrix, a page jam-packed with hundreds of DSLR reviews. The sheer number of DSLRs and DSLR review sites have made that page too long and not very user friendly. Given the structure of this chaotic blog, it was impossible to come up with a smooth and simple design. So the DSLR Review Matrix will be getting a face lift in a new blog that is the exact opposite of this one, uncluttered, single-purpose, and easier to navigate. More details on Monday!

No New Cameras but new Blog Features
We did not have any new digital cameras this week, but we did have a new blog feature, the remodeled Noisy Mall, a one-stop shop for shoppers. We designed spacious walkaways too!

For our new(er) readers, we have started a new series of posts to introduce you to some of our reference and resource type posts. We named this in honor of Stumble Upon. The first episode is up, check it out!.

We also made some minor changes to the blog template. Gone are the javascript menus from the top of the blog, and they are replaced by the papyrus font graphics.

The internets were buzzing when an alleged book of an alleged Canon 5D Mark II DSLR was spotted at Amazon and at the publisher's site. The publisher, author and Amazon marked that as an error, and the book was pulled from their sites. Not that that means that a 5DMk2 is not coming up.

Regular Features
Our weekly Discover New Sites and Blogs continued with a new group of websites and blogs. Be sure to check them out, and if you have a website or blog that you like featured, just let us know!

We had one new episode of the Photography Soup on Tuesday. The Soup is an anything-goes round-up.

We had a tour of the dpreview forums and posted our cyber-travelogue in the Forum Digest Express. Speaking of which, the dpreview forums are now up and running on their new hosting servers.

What did our readers like? Check out the most popular posts round-up to find out!

If you missed last week's weekly round-up, be sure to check it out!.

The Camera Market
After the Canon Instant rebates were "digested" by the markets, we took a look at the Nikon D300 prices, one month after we did our previous Price Charts. Find out what happened to the Nikon D300 prices at some of the biggest retailers.

We had our usual two episodes of the Amazon Top Selling Digital Camera Charts soap-opera, on Monday with the Canon Digital Rebel XSi jumping in the top ten after the hot dpreview review, and one on Thursday with the Canon 40D bundles and the Panasonic TZ5 colors having some staying power. Meanwhile the Nikon D60 was singing o/~ staying alive o/~.

We also had some "fatwallet-like" posts, with Canon 1Ds/1D Mark III specials, the weekend shopper, and a Panasonic TZ5 price drop which seems to be holding more or less at around $270.

The reader picture showcase powered by Flickr continues to be rotated on the front page of the blog.

Trends, trends, trends. Using the Google Trends gadget we found some interesting trends to graph. Check it out! This is an interactive gadget!

A new poll has gone live, where you can tell us what type of topics do you want to see more of in this blog. It is a multi-vote poll, so please vote for the topics that you are interested in seeing more of.

We also posted a tentative plan of what to expect in the next few days. Tentative with a big capital "T"!

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