Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ad Tracker: Pop Photo August 2008 (we review ads?)

As part of our "Market Watch" coverage, we look at who is advertising where. This can be interesting or in rare cases revealing as to the market strategies (or lack thereof) of some of the companies in the field. And as a self-appointed internet authority, we review some of the ads by the camera and lens manufactures :)

Foveon fans will be thrilled that the Sigma DP1 is the star of the back cover of the magazine. Viva DP1! And speaking of the DP1, we have 18 posts here under the "DP1 mania" tag.

Olympus tries to make a big impression with a two-page giant butterfly, the Olympus E3 and visionary Annie Day. This is an E3-priority system ad, trying to position the E3, which is under fire by some E1 owners even. Good attempt, but I think the butterfly chosen is not having the intended effect from a marketing perspective.

A "safe" set of two two-page Mentor Series Nikon ads are dressed in Nikon colors and promote their NYC and the Everglades workshops. Sony has a similar two-page ad promoting their "Digital Days" workshops around the country, going from coast to coast. These ads are so "safe", there's nothing really to praise or criticize.

We all know that camcorders are the enemies of real photography, and JVC features one of them, a ruby red Everio trapped in what seems to be a Valentine's day ad masquerading as a wedding season ad ;-) This ad probably belongs to a wedding magazine or Vanity Fair.

Casio continues to promote their "time machine" (as David Pogue of the NYT called it), the Casio EX-F1 with the pixelated humming bird photo. Interesting we have yet to see any other manufacturer use that 6mp 1/1.8" Sony speed-demon sensor. But Photokina is not over yet :)

Panasonic has a two-page overall ad blended with a co-sponsored contest with Pop Photo. This is more of a gadget-blog ad as it shows various Panasonic electronics, not just digital cameras.

Tokina features a trio of their wide-angle lenses, with the ATX-116 Pro being the headliner. Is it a legend yet? We don't know but you may have to wait for Matt Lauer to have a special :)

Shiguma has a trio of lens ads, featuring the work of Liz O. Baylen and Katsuo Hanzawa. We think this lens-ad format employed by Sigma works, with the picture taking about half of the non-empty part of the page, and the text talking both about the photographer and the lens. Sort of like Web 1.0 conversational marketing.

Pop Photo subscriptions are available online, including Amazon for $14 per year, and less if you use one of the magazine volume discounter services.

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