Wednesday, July 30, 2008

B&H Photo has Nikon D700 (body only: out of stock, with 24-120 shipping)

Update again II! Now it has gone into "back ordered" mode...

Thanks to one of our readers for the update! The Nikon D700 body only is now out of stock at B&H Photo (price is $3000 plus shipping and handling). However, the Nikon D700 plus 24-120mm VR is currently shipping for $3600 plus shipping and handling fees. We do not know how many units B&H Photo has, or how big the demand is, so be sure to check early and often if you are interested.

In fact the demand for this was so big, that B&H Photo stopped accepting email notification requests on the availability of the D700s. Another indicator of their popularity. While the D700 doesn't have the Beatle-mania of the D3/D300 power duo, it comes a close second so far.

The D700 is also shipping from Calumet, J&R World, OneCall, Ritz/Wolf, and Amazon.

The Life of the Nikon D700 so far

  1. Announcement on July 1st
  2. Various sample pictures, big and small, hit the internet from every corner of the globe
  3. First hands-on review by Dr Nyman of Still Photographie.
  4. Second hands-on review by LL-Cool-Landscapes, also known as Luminous Landscape
  5. And now, D700 starts shipping


Anonymous said...

I've got to admit that D700 is selling fast. Two days ago, when it is first available on B&H, I ran this test to see how many bodies they have in stock, basically the most amounts I could add to my Shopping cart is 150 (that's $3,000/each x 150 = $450,000). As of just now (07/31 12pm PST time), it is sold out and B&H site says "Accepting orders".
That's a record for me. Hope that Canon will create this WOW factor for the incoming 5DII. Go Canon, don't disappoint me.

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks for the update! Wow, it's gone again. The email notification alert is also depleted due to high interest.

On the 5DMk2, this reminds me of a Canon bullish thread at Fred Miranda, talking (hoping) for a WoW factor from the upcoming Canon DSLRs.