Friday, July 11, 2008

Canon 5D drops near $1800, 5D Mark II where are you?

As if we needed another sign that it is high time for a 5D Mark II (or 7D) or whatever else Canon will call it, the current 5D Mark I has dropped down to $1820 at Amazon. Also at Amazon, J&R is selling it for $1800 and free shipping. Ironically the price at is $1900. You can knock another $300 off if you buy it together with a Pixma Pro9000 printer.

For more on the 5D Mark I, be sure to check the DSLR Review Matrix, or the less crowded, and very minimalist DSLR Reference Map.

Since we are in gadget blog week mode, here is the obligatory giant picture. Fear not, this will only last for four more days :)

And the 5D is not the only one affected, the 40D body only is now down to $900 (J&R on Amazon). When we prepared the latest top sellers charts yesterday, the price was $940! Yet another benefit of following our twice-a-week updated top seller digital camera charts.

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