Thursday, July 10, 2008

Canon G9 drops to $430, Canon G10 where are you?

We continue gadget blog week, with a gadget-blog-style price drop alert! The Canon G9 has now dropped in price to $430 at Circuit City. Could this be another sign that a Canon G10 is coming up? Serious Compacts had posted a G10 rumor round-up a couple of months ago, which we mentioned but we haven't heard anything from Canon since (in terms of G-series cameras).

Forgive the giant picture, it's our gadget blog homage :) The last time we counted, we found more than twenty Canon G9 reviews. They are assembled in the Power Compacts Review Matrix, which, as the name suggests, has reviews of some of the prosumers and RAWsumers of our times, such as the LX2, DP1, GX100, GRD I, and a few other notables without RAW. [permalink]

Anyway, back to the G9, it has been reviewed by a number of the major websites, including dpreview, imaging recourse and dc resource. Also, Luminous has a travelo-field-report on the G9, and subscription-based Reid Reviews took a shot at it. The last one is for paying subscribers only, the rest of the reviews are free for all to read. Just like this blog, although we are more likely to pay people to read it, than ask them to pay for it ;-)

A lot has been said about the Canon Canon G9 and its (lack of) competitors, and we'll close with a semi-cynical gadget-blog-homage conclusion: "The G9 kicks the competitors asses (kick lands in thin air)".

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