Friday, July 18, 2008

Canon Instant Rebates expiration causes mini feeding frenzy (the new Charts)

Welcome to a new edition of the Charts soap opera, where we see the trends before anyone else does! If you want to avoid any spoilers, stop reading, and jump to the brand new Top Sellers Charts at Amazon where dSLRs and superzooms reign supreme. Following is a screenshot teaser embedded in the text, along with analysis of the latest happenings.

DSLR Top Seller Charts Talk Radio

Rebate expiration: The Canon Instant Rebates are set to expire tomorrow, and that seems to be causing a mini feeding frenzy as the $900 Canon 40D jumps to #4 and the 40D + EF 28-135 returns to the top ten. But the big bang was the Canon 5D! The body only, the lowest price 35mm-full-frame DSLR sold as a new-in-box and current model, is going for $1800. With the instant rebates expiring on July 19, some people do not want to take a chance and they are scooping up the 5D!

Beyond Canon and Nikon: The Pentax K200D continues to be the top non-C/N DSLR, and it is just outside the top 40, with a cigarette price after the mail-in rebate... Making this a duet, we find the Pentax K20D just outside the Top 75, giving Pentax the top two non-CaNikon DSLRs. The Gear-Up rebate brings the price under $1000, which is of course a significant psychological price barrier. Even more so since now the price is $927 after rebate. Is the K20D positioning itself to become the next K10D in terms of bang for the buck? Is this what is chasing the 40D price down?

Compact Top Seller Charts Talk Radio

Hyperzoom Wars: Vanns of Montana seems to be single-handedly "carrying" the Panasonic FZ18 with a price of $289. The FZ18 is a step closer to the top ten at #11, and it is ahead of both the Canon S5-IS and the SX100-IS... A $10 discount and a free 2gb memory card have the Nikon P80 jumping over the Olympus SP-570uz and knocking on the door of the Top 30. Once again, the magical powers of a discount... Next up is the aforementioned Oly SP570uz, just outside the Top 50, showing that a bigger zoom ratio and RAW can still make up for other trade-offs... Next up we find the Sony H50 in the top 70. Sony's H-series has not been a stellar success to put it mildly - perhaps Sony needs to recapture the Minolta A-series spirit and bring it up to date...

Supezoom Wars: A minor price adjustment (upwards) has managed to put all three TZ-series colors in the Top 25, with the TZ5K in the top 10, then TZ5A taking a big drop, and the TZ5S taking a big jump back in the top 25. The TZ5S was not participating in the discount party before, which is perhaps why it was left behind... The Canon power duo of the S5-IS and SX-100-IS has clearly taken a backseat to the Panasonic SuperMonetZoom mania. When is the new Canon announcement already? Even Kodak has jumped to 15X superzooms!

Compact compacts: After its debut, the cool-blue Pentax Optio W60 had its obligatory slide, but it will be interesting to see whether this manages to sell consistently once its price settles down after the release... The 25mm duo of the FX500 and FX35 is starting to move on up. Are reviews and word of mouth catching up or is it just randomness? Stay tuned to find out as only time will tell :)

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