Monday, July 14, 2008

Canon superzooms get toasted by Panasonic, what happened to almighty Canon? (new Charts)

We have a new edition of the Top Sellers Charts, where the once thought invincible Canon is getting its head handed to it in yet another segment of the market, the superzooms. Read all about it now! Spoilers follow below along with a short discussion on the latest trends we observed. You pay $3000+ for IDC/NPD market reports, but you get what you pay for here :)

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Price is King and Queen and Regent Nothing gets a camera moving faster than a $100 discount! That's what happened to the Canon 5D which jumped almost 50 spots to get into the Top 30. Where else can you get a 35mm full frame DSLR for $1800? The recently announced Nikon D700 costs almost twice as much as of this moment.

The D300 vs D700 Tug of War: The D300 doesn't seem to be seriously affected by the D700 so far, while as expected the D700 pre-orders slow down after the initial feeding frenzy and excitement over this new full-framer. This is a $3000 camera, not a $300 camera, so you are not going to see people pre-order it as if it was the hot iPhone or game console du jour :)

The World Does Not Revolve around Canon and Nikon That's right! Let's see which DSLRs from the Others (The "LOST" manufacturers? ouch!) are in the top 100. Last week we had a record number of non-C/N DSLRs. This week, we are back to normal. The Pentax K200D once again leads the way, but it is now knocking on the door of the Top 40. Thanks for sure to the $100+ Gear Up Rebate program... Next up is the Sony A200W (2-lens kit) which is all the way down in the late 70s... Competing with the new E520 does not help the sales of the E510 2-lens kit, which a few weeks ago held the top non-Canon-Nikon DSLR spot. Now at $600 it's still a great deal, but when a new model comes out, a number of people tilt towards the new model, even though it costs more.

Compact Top Seller Charts Talk Radio

Viva Olympus! Something rare in the modern era, two Olympus digital cameras in the top 25, with the nicely discounted Stylus 770SW flirting with the top ten every week. Imagine if they were using SD and xD cards like the Fuji cameras do. (Yes, we'll keep repeating this until Olympus starts using a dual xD/SD drive in al their cameras, similar to what Fuji does. Time permitting, we'll start a Keith Olbermann-style countdown, "It's been X days since the declaration of the xD memory card".

Cooldrop my pricepix! The Coolpix compacts are moving on up as the prices slide down, making them more attractive to the buyers out there. If they can maintain these sales prices, will we see a wave of Coolpixes flooding the top 25? Stay tuned, and we'll find out :)

Release Me! Good news for Optio fans, the cool-wave-blue Optio W60 is moving on up after its initial release, and it looks like Pentax has indeed found a micro-niche with the adorable-blue W60. The perfect camera for the summer vacation? We blog, you decide, and then deride :)

Hyperzoom Wars This is not even close, as the FZ18K manages to remain in-stock and at $300 or less, no other hyperzoom is able to even make a dent. The FZ18K has been building up momentum and we wouldn't be surprised if it made the top ten by the next time we post an update... The second closest is the Olympus SP-570uz, which is outside the top 40. It does cost more than one price stop however, and as we all know, price is king and queen and regent :)

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