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The Digital Camera Report (frozen)

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New Phase One P65+ Full-Frame Medium Format Digital Back says Luminous
The megapixel wars at the medium format level just got wilder! Check our latest post for more on the Phase One P65+. This is not a rumor, but an exclusive preview by Luminous Landscape!

Minor template changes
If this blog looks a bit different today, it's not because you are still recovering from your Saturday adventures :) There have been some template changes to the header of the blog and the right sidebar. We are using the term "header" loosely, it's almost half a page :) And remember to vote in the poll at the bottom of this post, or let us know by email or comment.

Ad-tracker: Pop Photo August 2008
Some review digital cameras, we review magazine ads, in this instance, the August 2008 issue of Popular Photography and Imaging :)

One more new Kodak entry-level camera
We discovered this one at a retailer's website, and at Imaging Resource. Meet the new $120 Kodak C913, and the most notable feature perhaps is the 9mp 1/2.5" sensor. If you thought 8mp 1/2.5" was too much...

Canon 5D drops near $1800, 5D Mark II where are you?
As if we needed another sign that it is high time for a 5D Mark II (or 7D) or whatever else Canon will call it, the current 5D Mark I has dropped down near $1800.

Serious Compacts generates buzz
Serious Compacts has generated a lot of buzz this week, including CNet, and Guy Kawasaki's Photography AllTop. If you are passionate about serious compact digital cameras and you like to write/blog about them, then contact Serious Compacts. More at Serious Compacts. And we'd like to thank Serious Compacts for their kind words as well.

Kodak announces a new 15x IS superzoom and 1+2 M-series compacts
Headlined by the Easyshare Z1015-IS, a 15x wide-angle IS superzoom, Kodak also has 1+2 new M-series compacts, the M1093-IS, along with the old-new M1073-IS and M1063.

DSLR price drops this week
One thing is guaranteed with DSLR prices, they will go down. The unknown is when and how much. From the refurbished Nikon D2h dropping to $1000, to the Nikon D3 down to $4800 down to $4760, and the D300 + 18-135 DX kit dropping to $1870, all perhaps feeling the pressure from the newly announced Nikon D700 and who knows what else Canon, Nikon and Sony are planning.

But it's not just DSLRs. Canon's G9 has dropped to $430. Is it market driven or a sign that a new G-series model may be getting really close to announcement or both?

New 50-megapixel Hasselblad H3DII-50 medium format with Kodak CCD sensor
The new 50-megapixel Kodak CCD MF sensor will be powering the new Hasselblad H3DII-50 medium format SLR. Just don't ask for the price, instead hand them the keys to your car and garage.

New Top Sellers Chart episode
Our on-going Amazon Top Selling Digital Camera Charts soap-opera continues with a brand new episode. Once again, DSLRs and superzooms take up almost half of the Top 25.

$100 digital cameras: Junk or Steals?
A number of digital cameras are at or below the $100 price mark. Are they junk or steals at those prices? We blog, you decide!

The Nikon D700 Fan Club
Here are our latest posts on the buzzing Nikon D700:

This blog at Photography page at AllTop
Great news! This blog has been added to the list of websites and blogs featured at the Photography page at AllTop. Thank you AllTop!

DSLR Reviews
The total opposite of this blog, the DSLR Reviews Reference and Map has organized lists of DSLR reviews and DSLR family overviews, and nothing else!

The About page has been revised with more details and more ...text that no one wants to read?

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