Thursday, July 3, 2008

Discover new sites and blogs (concert photography, against the grain, and more)

Welcome to a new edition of "Discover New Sites and Blogs". This week we are launching a permanent display of all the sites featured so far. Check the bottom of the post for details!

How about some music? Fear not, I won't start singing. But if you like concert photography, be sure to check out I Shoot Shows, featuring concert pictures from many recognizable names in the music industry. Just in the last few weeks this lad has shot Stevie Nicks, Radiohead, Dave Matthews Band, STP, and the Screaming-1001-Noisy-Cameras-Band featuring the D700-Experience. Last one not a real band :)

If you are the type that goes against the photographic grain, it's your time to conform and take every picture as if it was a textbook example ;-) If you continue to refuse to conform, you may want to take a look at If you like tests, reviews and techno-babble, be sure to visit their Lens Tests and Reviews page.

You already know of the Serious Compacts blog. How about a place to discuss and share "Serious Compacts" photography? Well, how about the Serious Compacts group at flickr? Almost 3000 pictures posted there already. If you want to join the discussion or share pictures, basic flickr accounts are free.

Regular readers may recall our rant on flash. The following website is a great example of Flash being used effectively to showcase one's portfolio and organize pictures by subject matter. If only more people used Flash so responsibly! Enjoy the pictures at

Pageflakes is a website that allows users to quickly and easily mix and match stuff from around the web, and create their own world-view using a variety of sources. It's like creating a custom home page (eg MyYahoo, iGoogle), but you share it with the world. And with that as an intro, here is NancyPants's Photography flake at Pageflakes.

Student of the Week? In this new segment, we feature a photography student. In the inaugural edition, we have a photography graduate student at Syracuse, Wasim Online. Syracuse is famous for their journalism program, and it seems like half of the ESPN employees are Syracuse graduates. But that's a story for a sports blog.

As we promised last week, we have now created a single page that features all the websites and blogs ever featured in previous episodes of "Discover". This blog's template is not ideal for such a wall of blogs, so we created it using NetVibes. Here they are, all the websites and blogs featured in past and present episodes of "Discover New Sites and Blogs".

You can also read the full text of each episode here at 1001 Noisy by following the "discover new sites" category tag (label) at the bottom of the post or look for it in the long list of labels at the right sidebar of this crazy blog. If a couple of the boxes appear empty, do a page reload, or give NetVibes a kick :)

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