Sunday, July 20, 2008

Discover new sites and blogs (Pixel Peepers, FotoViewrs, Dear Nikon, and more)

Welcome to a new edition of "Discover New Sites and Blogs", where the sites may be new to you or new to me, and they could be ten years old or ten days old.

Time to confess! You know you are a pixel peeper, but you just won't admit it. That's okay, we won't tell anyone. So quietly, while no one is watching, go visit, where you will find tons of sample pictures from various cameras and lenses. Just don't blame us if you spend the whole night pixel-peeping :)

Looking for alternative ways to view and promote photographic work? Well, that was the idea behind, which is currently in beta.

Looking for a new forum to talk photography without the usual bickering and drama? Want to start fresh? Talk about photography in a non-denominational manner? Then how about the brand new Camera Work forums?

Didn't you just wish that "Dear Abby" had a special column for Nikon users? Well, "Dear Abby" won't do that, but Dear Nikon will! Tell Nikon what you really feel and want and need and wish! And if you like the website, stumble upon it.

Photography, pictures, Battlestar Galactica, and a whole lot more at the Gibsons blog. An entertaining and breezy read for sure!

If you are a "User", it is time for an intervention. But if you are a Pentax User then keep on reading. The UK magazine for Pentaxians just had a remodeling of their website and features more Pentaxian goodies and news, including an interview with Pentax super-user Benjamin Kanarek.

Each site mentioned also gets a permanent spot at the Discover New Sites Wall at the Noisy NetVibes universe. If you would like your website or blog featured in a future installment, just let us know by email. We like sites big and small, established or just starting out, or anywhere in between.


Jess said...

Hey guys - thanks for the shout out.

1001 noisy cameras said...

You are welcome!