Friday, July 11, 2008

DSLRs and Superzooms once again rule (new Amazon Top Sellers Chart)

Welcome to a new edition of our on-going soap-opera that is the Amazon Top Selling Digital Camera Charts Market Watching Soap Opera :) Say that ten times fast! If you want to avoid any spoilers, jump right now to the new top sellers chart! Spoilers and discussion follow! The picture below is teaser screen-shot created by Irfanview and shows some of the "action":

DSLRs and SuperZooms
Once again, DSLRs and superzooms occupied almost half of the Top 25. In DSLRs, it was once again Canon and Nikon, while Panasonic leads the superzooms with four Top 25 models, versus two from Canon. Superzooms were once considered another area where Canon was invincible, yet three TZ-series models and the FZ18 are beating up the critically acclaimed S5-IS and the "fun zoom" SX-100-IS.

Other Observations

  • A discount at Circuit City ($430 as of the time of writing), has the Canon G9 at Amazon reeling.
  • The doom and gloom predicted by the announcement of the Nikon D700 has just not materialized for the Nikon D300, as this DX camera is actually moving slightly up... speaking of the D700, it is currently at #65, the body only kit that is.
  • The first non-Canon/Nikon DSLR is the Pentax K200D kit, just outside the top 50... And the second one is also a Pentax, as the K20D body only is now in the Top 80, thanks to the price sliding under $1000 after the GearUp rebate... But wait, there's more, the Sony A300 kit (with 18-70 DT) makes an appearance at #82, followed closely by the E510 2-lens kit... Then we find the Sony A200W (two lens kit), also re-entering the Top 100... This is quite possibly the most DSLR-diverse Top 100 since we started blogging this, with five non-CaNikon DSLRs kits in the top 100!
  • The Canon SD1100-IS models start reaching the magical price point of $200, first with the blue color.
  • Not bad for Canon, two DSLRs in the Top Ten!
  • A jumbo $70 price drop on the "old" XTi 400D kit has the black XTi with 18-55 EF-S non-IS knocking on the Top 25 door.
  • Not bad for the Panasonic TZ-series either, the black and blue are both in the Top 10, ahead of Canon's power duo of superzooms.
  • It looks like Olympus may have found a top ten worthy price point for their SW-series cameras. It appears to be $200, even though the Stylus 770SW is a 2007 model. Not that it really matters. Now if it also took SD cards, imagine how many more they could sell!
  • Kodak has just announced their first hyperzoom, but it's going to be a while before it has a chance to de-throne the Panasonic FZ18K which remains in the Top 20, and is miles ahead of the other competing hyperzooms... The next in line is the Olympus SP-570uz that manages to just barely hold on in the Top 30... Next is the Nikon P80, but despite the favorable price it can barely stay in the Top 60... And following those is the Sony H50. Sony, perhaps it is time to revitalize those lovely Minolta A-series superzoom designs and ideas!
  • Ah, the wonders of discounts. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, Samsung has three digital cameras in the Top 50. What do they have in common? They were priced under $90!
  • Not to be outdone, Kodak pushed the pink C713 down to $80, and that has the sales picking up momentum as you can expect. By the way, all these sub-$100 cameras were featured in our recent $100 digital cameras: junk or steals post.

New in the Top 100: Pentax Optio W60 now shipping!
The highly anticipated among water-camera fans Pentax W60 is now shipping at about $8 below the starting price of $330.

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