Thursday, July 31, 2008

eBay Watch: Lot of 12 K-mount lenses (17 bids, $162 final price)

In this new segment, we find items of interest on eBay and present them to you. So what has caught our eye today? A 12-lens lot of K-mount lenses offered by Donovan's Kenmore Cameras. None of the lenses are Pentax-branded. Lenses included in the listing are Sears, Cosina, Tokina, CPC, Kalimar, Hanimex, Soligor, CPC, and JC Penney. Five days remain before the auction closes. The auction is now final! And as always with eBay auctions, please be sure to do your homework!

The image above is from the auction, courtesy of Donovan's Kenmore Camera.

If you want to research these lenses, B. Dimitrov's K-Mount Lens page is a great starting point, along with the PentaxForums, and the Pentax SLR Talk forum at dpreview.

Bid History snapshots

  • As of 1pm NYC time, Saturday, there are 2 bids and the current bid price is $21.50. This is what some may call a "poor man's LBA" :)
  • As of 845pm NYC time on Sunday, there are 3 bids and the current bid price is $31. 3 days and 20 hours remain before the eBay server rings the bell.
  • As of 1pm NYC time on Monday, there are 4 bids, highest bid at $34. Three days and four hours until the declaration of "auction complete!". The LBA sirens are calling!
  • As of 5:20pm NYC time on Monday, there are five bids, price is $36 and change. Two days and 23 hours remain!
  • As of 1pm NYC time on Tuesday, there are nine bids and the price is around $58. Two days and four hours remain before the auction ends!
  • As of noon NYC time on Wednesday, there are 13 bids and the price is $103. One day and four hours remain until someone gets a bag full of K-mount lenses.
  • As of noon NYC time on Thursday, there are 15 bids and the price is $123. Less than five hours remain! See the countdown clock above for an exact time estimate, regardless of your time zone
  • And we have the final results! The auction is complete, and the lucky winner is getting 12 lenses for $162, roughly $13 per lens! Feed your inner LBA! 17 bids were placed in this auction.

PS> If you have seen any exciting or "bang for the buck" eBay auctions, please let us know by email, and we may feature them in an upcoming "eBay Watch" segment.

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