Monday, July 28, 2008

Even the mighty fall (was: 40D jumbo drop - New Top Sellers Charts)

Welcome to a new episode of the on-going market-opera that is the Amazon top selling digital camera charts. Avoid the spoilers, and jump to today's new top sellers episode!. The screen-shot teaser below is also a link to the new chart.

Canon dSLRs: With the Canon 40D jumping to higher prices after the end of the instant rebates, the D-Rebel XSi 450D EF-S IS kit, now under $800, is the king of all DSLRs, running unopposed in the top ten, with the next DSLR being the XTi 400D at #20... As expected, the bottom fell out of the 40D body only, dropping from #8 to #23, with a price of around $975, sold and shipped by Amazon, versus the cool instant rebate price of $900... Meanwhile the 40D+EF28-135ISUSM (decode the name and win fabulous prizes?) has pulled on the breaks and managed to remain in the top 50, after its dramatic drop. The price is around $1300 compared to $1100+ during the Instant Rebate Glory days.

Nikon DSLRs: The top ten is a distance memory for the Nikon D60 VR kit. A dip under $600 was what propelled the kit in the top ten, but the price of $630 is sending it back to its regular spots, floating towards the end of the top 25.

SuperZoom Wars: Canon restores order in the universe, as the S5-IS finally reclaims the [Top Zoom] belt from the wacky trio of Panasonic TZ5 funzooms. What made the S5-IS jump was a $300 price from Amazon itself, which now has it in a "1 to 2 month" backorder status... The TZ5K follows up closely, still in the top ten!

HyperZoom Wars: The FZ18K continues to be carried upwards thanks to the "magic" $289 price via Vanns. Now that Vanns has gone to $300 and the FZ28 is announced, what will happen? Only time will tell... Meanwhile, the Nikon P80 continues to show staying power as it remains around the Top 30 and is waiting for the FZ18 to drop out of the Top 25, so it can claim the [Top HyperZoom] belt... Meanwhile the Sony H50 is trying to establish itself at the bottom of the Top 50, and being the #3 hyperzoom of the top 100... Next in line is the Olympus SP-570uz, which is the most expensive of all current hyperzooms... Fuji made price adjustments of its own, and at $340, the 18X S8100fd has returned in the top 100. Will it stay? Will it go? Stay tuned to find out!

Beyond Canon and Nikon DSLRs: Olympus is cheering because the expiration of the Pentax Gear Up rebates caused the two Pentax K-series DSLRs to drop, and made the E510 2-lens kit at $600 the top non-CaNiKoN DSLR... But the K200D kit is the second one despite having doubled up from #35 to #73. The end of the $100 mail-in rebate was an essential $100 price hike, and you don't need Alan Greenspan to figure out that $550 is better than $650... Representing the Alpha, but just barely, is the Sony A300K (A300 + 18-70 DT lens) at the bottom of the top 100.

New in the Hot 100: Make shy humble entries in the Hot 100 are the black Olympus Stylus 1010 and the silver Panasonic TZ50>. As you can guess, the reason the TZ50 wireless made its Top 100 debut is because its price dropped way off the list price of $400, selling for $320 by Amazon itself.

LX3 watch: The LX3K, which in typical Panasonic fashion is the most popular among the colors, has dropped from #79 to #90, on the strength of pre-orders alone.

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