Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Five New Samsung Digital Cameras today (executive summary)

Samsung has introduced enough new cameras today (five) to get its own executive summary. Prepare to be confused, because Samsung is using new model names for the USA market. Oh dear! So here we go:

  1. Samsung touts the new NV100hd (TL34hd) as its best compact digital camera ever. We tout it as the first 15-megapixel compact digital camera. It may have manual exposure (not sure yet), but it has no RAW. It starts at 28mm, but its predecessor, the NV24hd started at 24mm. But the sensor has grown to 1/1.72".
  2. A poor man's version of the above is perhaps the new 14-megapixel L301w (SL301w)
  3. Looking for a way to differentiate your folded optics ultracompacts? Add two analog dials (gauges). But don't get too excited, the gauges are for battery life and memory card storage, not photographic. This is the NV9, also known as TL9.
  4. The entry-level line-up gets a new LiIon model, the L201 (aka SL201), and a new AA-based model, the S1070. The last one hasn't been announced in the US market, which is why it only has one name.

Gaping hole in the Samsung line-up
Still no traditional superzoom from Samsung, even though they announce lots of new shiny silvers each year. They do have their lineup of camcorders with big zoom ratios and a few "hybrids", but then again, so does Panasonic and Canon, and that hasn't stopped them from dominating the superzoom market and mindshare.

Listed and D-List'ed
The new cameras have been added to the D-List, a single page listing all the current and recent digital camera models, ideal for camera fan-addicts. They were also added to the New Cameras of 2008 post, which does as the title suggests. If you notice any errors or omissions in either one, please let us know!

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