Thursday, July 17, 2008

Forum Digest (Pictures and then some more pictures)

Photography forums are not just bickering and pixel-peeping, they are also pictures. Lots of pictures! In this special edition of the "Forum Digest", we will only feature threads that operate on picture-sharing-priority.

One of the things they teach you at photography school (books, tutorials, classes, etc) is "don't be afraid to get close". And close you have to get for the weekly close-up :) More close-ups, including bees, dragonflies, and moths in this thread.

They are prettier than most insects, and they have whole industries devoted to them: Meet the flowers :)

But who eats all of the above? No, not Bears, this is not the Colbert Report, but birds. This week's pictures include herons, sparrows, woodpeckers, egrets and more. Regrets about your egret pictures? Let us know :)

Higher up the food chain, who bothers and tortures all of the above for years and years? Kids!

And who gets in trouble if they photograph kids without parental permission and notification? Street photographers!

We hope you enjoyed this daisy-chained post, and flew through the threads, and our silly comments didn't bug you ;)


mrsfixit said...

Wow! What a great thread. The insect macro shots there are amazing!

It is so enjoyable to spend time on the forums over at dpreview and see work like this. There are a lot of very talented photographers in those forums...

I love macro photography. It gives you a whole new perspective on the everyday objects and creatures that we take for granted.

Who could think there could be such incredible beauty there?

Thanks for the link!

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks so much Mrs Fix It!

Underneath the techno-babble and bickering, there are a lot of great shots by a lot of great photographers, amateurs and professionals alike!

It will make people think twice about stepping on the poor defenseless insects :)