Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gadget blog appreciation week starts now

To celebrate the impact of high-tech gadget blogs we decided to start a gadget blog appreciation week. And to do, we are changing the style of this blog for this week to that of a traditional gadget blog. So you will see big pictures, short sentences, and things like that :)

  1. We start this experiment with a big question, $100 digital cameras: junk or steals? We blog, you decide!

  2. That was followed by an existential post on the Canon G9.

  3. The Canon 5D Mark I drops to near $1800. Where is the 5D Mk II?

Next in line is a post that features one of the current Four Thirds DSLRs. Oh and it's so adorable!

Also, throughout our regular posts we will have "homage" style points :)

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