Thursday, July 3, 2008

How to Photograph Fireworks Tip and Tutorial round-up (special Photography Soup edition)

We have a special edition of the Photography Soup today, a round-up of tutorials and tips from around the net on how to shoot fireworks. Those in the USA will be celebrating Independence Day, but firework displays happen all around the world to celebrate special occasions. And let me enter "mother-in-law mode" and remind everyone to use fireworks responsibly ;-)

Shooting Fireworks tips posted this week
We start with self-appointed super-guru Ken Rockwell in this post-dated How to shoot fireworks tutorial. Read through it and see if you spot anything controversial. And don't forget Ken has a growing family and he needs your support! ;-)

Imaging Insider points us to a story that not only gives photography tips on fireworks, but also tells us you to find fireworks shows near you. Or further away if you have a private plane or Star Trek Transporters :)

Do-it-all advice site Lifehacker has posted their get better fireworks article a couple of days ago with a handful of tips, as well a long discussion by their readers.

Photoshop guru Scott Kelby has posted his fireworks photo tips at his blog, Photoshop Insider. Note that these are picture-taking tips, not post-processing tips.

Endless Years points us to four ways to get great fireworks photos. Because let's face it, no one wants to miss or mess their fireworks photos. It's not something that happens every day or every week!

PC World has a surprisingly long and informative tutorial on shooting fireworks. It's three pages long and even recommends specific digital camera models for the task. The up and down vote among readers so far is 45 Yay and 4 Nay, so they don't have to worry about readers filibustering it ;-)

Photographer Tony Gillilan talks about fireworks and photography as well.

And we have a treasure hunt for you! Find the start of this tutorial on fireworks in this page and consider yourself a great detective. For a website created to promote "creativity", it's really sad to see a "snakes and ladders" design at the start of the article.

And while you can shoot pictures of fireworks in San Francisco, Sam Spare's blog informs us that shooting actual fireworks can get one fined and jailed. How about taking pictures of someone shooting fireworks in violation of the city's laws? Where are the lawyers when you need them? :)

More photography tips and articles in the following round-up at Photography Review blog, which just yesterday posted a review of the Pentax K200d.

Submit your fireworks pictures!
Had enough of the tips? Imaging Resource invites readers to share their 4th of July photos. A chance for you to get your picture(s) published at a high-profile website like Imaging Resource. You heard me? :)

JPG Magazine is having a fireworks photo challenge. If your picture is published, JPG Magazine promises $100 and a one-year subscription!

And please feel free to add your fireworks pictures to our Flickr pool. We use flickr to showcase pictures from our readers as a small token of appreciation for their readership and support. Details here.

Shooting Fireworks tips posted in previous years
Lots of nice firework pictures and tips at CameraPorn. Fear not, it's not an adult site, but rather it is a site for camera-holics and gear-aholics. Their pictures are on Flickr so you can enjoy and comment on them there as well.

Ed at f1.0 posted a really informative tutorial last year. This is longer than the usual tips and tutorials, and broken down in multiple sections, including gear, technique, tips, and tricks.

Smithsonian photographers climb off their high-horse (or clouds) and share tips with us mere mortals. Awww! Lots of example firework pictures are shown, however they are small GIF files as they are worried about possible copiers. has 12 "Top Five" tips on shooting fireworks. A whooping seven bonus tips :) They also have great firework pictures to compliment each tip. Great job by

The digital cameras page at offers their tips and suggestions, an article written by Michael Carr.

Digital Photography School and its readers share their tips. Over 90 comments posted with reader comments. Check it out.

This is only a sampling of what's available out there. We obviously couldn't include everything. But if you have written about photographing fireworks and you'd like your post added to this page, please let us know! And be sure to bookmark this post for the next firework event, using the permalink.


Photo-John said...

Nice fireworks photo resource. I'm gonna add it to my fireworks resource page :-)


1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks Photo-John!

I just realized that I forgot to mention the Casio EX-F1, maybe by the next 4th of July there will be more cameras using that fast 6mp 1/1.8" sensor.