Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Let there be light! Lightroom 2.0 is released (and Camera RAW 4.5 too!) [updated]

Yes, Lightroom 2.0 has been released to the world! David Ziser of Digital Pro Talk has been using the Beta version for a while, and now he has prepared a 17-minute video tutorial on Lightroom2. A great job by Digital Pro Talk!

And you don't have to wait long for a web review! Mike Pasini at Imaging Resource has already posted a Lightroom 2.0 review. As always, we won't spoil the conclusions, you have to jump to the bottom of the review and DIY... There's also another review featured on Adobe's blogs, by Ian Lyons, you can read the full review after jumping about half a dozen links on Adobe's urls, or you can go directly to the feature review at Compuer-Darkroom.com.

But it's not just Lightroom! Camera Dojo informs us that there is also the Camera Raw 4.5 release today! Raw 4.5 adds support for the Olympus duo of the adorable E420 and the sensor-shift-stabilized E520 DSLRs. Also be sure to check their LR2 video overview.

There is also a (free) public beta for the DNG Profile Editor 1.0 and camera profiles. And speaking of free, the DNG Converter converts 190 RAW digital cameras to DNG.

The full Adobe press release can be found at the Imaging Insider.

Reactions in the blogosphere
Photoshop guru Scott Kelby has wall to wall coverage of LR2, including a comparison of his wish list vs the actual LR2 feature set. How close was it? We won't reveal! No spoilers here :) And if you live in a major city, there is a full day "My Lightroom 2 Live Tour" and workshop coming up!

Terry White informs us on his blog that the NAPP has launched a free Lightroom 2 learning center. Yes, free! But that's just the tip of the iceberg. In this must-read post Terry White goes in detail pointing out the cool LR2 features, and also has a 22-point comparison between LR2 and LR1. Be sure to read and bookmark!

A round-up of LR2 coverage can be found at Papa Bear's blog ;-) Oops, it's the other O'Reilly, the O'Reilly media Lightroom blog

Wall to wall coverage of all the new stuff also at Inside Lightroom, and at Lightroom News, including a week old interview with LR UI designer Phil Clevenger.

Ryan Brenizer talks Lightroom and colors on his blog.

"Ten things I like about LR2", blogs Thomas Hawk.

One of the Popular Photography blogs has posted a first look at LR2. Post by Debbie Grossman, a senior editor at Pop Photo. And tomorrow she will be posting about her recent trip to the Adobe factory. Factory??? Stay tuned to find out :)

Heninger Fotographik has posted their 10 favorite things about the new LR2. This is a detailed list, with screen-shots showcasing each one of the items discussed.

Reactions in the Forums
A 19-post discussion on LR2 in the dpreview news forum and the retouching forum.

The new Camera Raw profiles are discussed in the Open Talk forum and the Retouching forum.

After his excellent video tutorial at the top of the blog, Digital Pro Talk talks about their ten favorite things about LR2, from a wedding photographer's perspective. And if you want more on the LR2, be sure to check their round-up of LR2 posts from around the blogosphere.

Buying Adobe Lightroom 2

You can buy Lightroom 2 directly from Adobe for $300 if you are a new user, and for $100 if you are upgrading. The download is close to 100mb and has the benefit that you can use the new software almost immediately... Adobe has a number of promotions to save more and they all involve buying Photoshop CS3 (extended or full or upgrade) combined with Lightroom 2 (full or upgrade). Combined savings can be as little as $50 if you buy both upgraders, and as much as $125 if you buy both full/extended versions. They also offer other combinations: full/upgrade or upgrade/full.

If you prefer the boxed edition, Amazon is offering it for pre-order for $290, with free shipping and an estimated shipping date of August 15, 2008. If you are upgrading from the previous version, then you can pre-order the upgrade for $95. Also free shipping and August 15 estimated release date.

Lightroom 2 Books Coming up
Scott Kelby has a 450-page book coming up on New Riders on LR2, "The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 Book for Digital Photographers", with a pre-order price of $30 and a pre-order price guarantee.

Martin Evening has a new book coming up as well, but you can't buy it this evening, you have to place a pre-order. The book is now shipping from Amazon, my joke is ruined! The book is "The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 Book: The Complete Guide for Photographers" (Now Shipping!)

But that's just the tip of the book iceberg. There's a lot more books coming up:

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