Monday, July 28, 2008

LX3 Samples from respected Japan site hit the forums

While perusing the dpreview forums we noticed a discussion of new LX3 sample pictures, posted by highly respected Japanese site DC.Watch.Impress.Jp. The link to the pictures is in the original post of the discussion thread. The sample pictures cover ISO 80 to 3200. We won't comment so as to avoid introducing bias.

These are also discussed in the dpreview news forum.

And in case you are weight conscious, DC Watch has weighed the camera and includes a picture of its weight while on the scale. Jenny Craig for Cameras?

Panasonic LX3 recap

  1. Official announcement coverage
  2. Websites and blogs discussing
  3. Forum discussions (mainly dpreview)
  4. Panasonic Japan's announcement reveals the monthly production output will be 20,000 LX3 units per month
  5. LX3 pre-orders
  6. LX3 saves the world, cures all diseases, ends hunger (coming soon)

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