Friday, July 25, 2008

Market Forces: The Impact of the end of the Canon Instant Rebates (new Charts soap opera update)

Welcome to a new edition of the Amazon Top Seller Charts soap-opera! In this edition, we observe the market forces at play after the end of the Canon Instant Rebates. If you are a hardcore Canon fan, stop reading! Without further delay, this is the new top selling digital camera chart. And a screen-shot teaser of some of the hottest action follows. The picture is a link to the new chart.

Canon DSLRs: Amazon probably didn't get the memo from Canon (shhh!), as they continue to offer the EOS 40D body only for under $1000, it only took a $60 hike in price, while Adorama is currently in the $1100s... But the end of the instant rebates ended another streak, that of the Canon 40D with the EF 28-135mm lens being the [Top Price] in the top 25 for a number of weeks. The increased price, following the laws of supply and demand, caused a decrease in sales, and the 40D has fallen out of the top 25. But fear not Canon fans, the [Top Price] belt now belongs to the 40D body only. But it wasn't just a mere drop for the 40D with the EF 28-135mm kit, it was a jumbo drop, as it went from #14 to #40. OUCH! But then again, its available price has gone up by $200... And it was worse for the Canon 5D whose bottom fell out, and it is actually now a couple of spots below the D700 pre-orders. The 5D has gone from as low as $1800 last week to $2000+ this week. And even more so at Adorama going for $2200 and at B&H Photo where it goes for $2400. OUCH!!! Similarly, the 5D kit with the 24-105 "El Lens" has dropped 38 spots as it has gone up almost $200. The Amazon price is $2800, while Adorama is $2900 and B&H Photo is $3000. What's the frequency Canon?

Is the Nikon D700 killing the D300? Well, at least at Amazon, it doesn't seem to be having any noticeable effect. Both D300 kits are in the Top 50, which is not an easy feat considering their prices. If anything, they are more likely to be (positively) affected by the Canon price increases (40D, 5D)... A couple of early Nikon D700 impact reviews (Luminous, and Dr Nyman) have generated even more D700-buzz, and as of a few hours ago, the Nikon D700 body only is shipping via Ritz and Wolf Cameras online.

HyperZoom Wars: Back at Vanns with the magic price of $289 the Panasonic FZ18K is jumping up again, undeterred (so far) by the newly announced $400 FZ28... A good price is managing to give the Nikon P80 staying power in the top 30, and quite possibly building it up as a contender to the FZ18 for the unofficial [Top HyperZoom] belt... Next in line is the Sony H7, which at $370 is managing to stay in the Top 50. As we mentioned in our SuperZoom Predictions special, the Sony SuperZooms need some help... Next in line is the Olympus SP-570uz, the most expensive of the lot, dropping to #63. Ouch!

Beyond Canon and Nikon: The Pentaxians are grinding their axes as the K200D boldy enters the Top 40 on the strength of the Gear Up Rebate program which however ends on July 26, and could derail the K200D's momentum if there isn't a discount to cover up for the loss of the rebate... And the Gear Up Rebates are also propping the K20D to be the #2 non-CanoNikon DSLR, finding itself at #69 for a price of $950 after rebate... Fighting off the "Big Pentax" lobby is the Olympus E510 2-lens kit at #75, thanks to a discount. Obviously the E520 is taking away from E510 purchases, but those who want the best bang for the buck are obviously going with the E510, obviously... Sony DSLRs return to the Hot 100 with the Sony A300 2-lens kit, affectionately named "A300X" by the marketing people. At $700 this gives the Digital Rebels and Nikon D60 a run for their money, and also competes with the Pentax K200D and the Olympus E510/E520. We are talking about price points here, not feature-sets or pixel-peeping. Also returning, but just barely, is the A300K, which is the 18-70 DT kit, and goes for one price-stop less. One "price stop" is $100 :)

You pay for cool blue The cool blue version of the Pentax Optio W60 goes for $330, but if you are not infatuated with the adorable cool blue, you can get the silver edition for $285. Guess which one the buyers are buying? Your answer is as good as ...silver :)

Panasonic LX3K mania! The buzz we saw in the blogosphere and the forums has translated into measurable numbers as the Panasonic LX3K, on the strength of pre-orders, has entered the Top 100 at #79, just a spot below the Nikon D700. Those are the only two pre-order digital cameras in the Top 100.

Come on feel the noise! The Fuji F50fd manages to stay towards the bottom of the top 100 for two times in a row selling at a reasonable price of $210. Now why is Fuji still snoozing and not taking advantage of their advantage before it dissipates?

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