Monday, July 14, 2008

New Casio EX-Z150 adds one more 28mm wide compact to the Year 2008

What would you call a camera that does not fit right between the EX-Z200 and Z100? Why, EX-Z150 of course :) And that's what Casio is doing! The press release from Casio USA at the Imaging Insider.

Quite interestingly, Casio drops the 10mp 1/2.3" sensor that was used in the Z200 and Z100, and instead goes for the "trusty" 8mp 1/2.5" as they try to make this a more "affordable" option. The lens is still a 4X optical zoom, starting at 28mm (28-112mm equivalent that is), and has sensor-shift image stabilization, where the sensor module dances around to counter the dancing around of the photographer :)

It will sell for $200 initially, before market forces take it down. It will be available in many colors, and as Exilim cameras are known for their style-priority and gadget-priority design, it has a 3" LCD. Which fits in with our gadget blog week theme.

Needless to say you get their version of face detection, internet-buzzwords such as YouTube, iTunes and such, but surprisingly, still no Engadget feed updates :) Maybe when they introduce wireless models? :)

Casio EX-Z150 coverage on the net

  • You can see the five adorable colors, nicely organized, at Cameratown. Can you say Holiday Shopping Season Gift Idea?
  • A picture of the back side of the camera at Engadget
  • A summary of the main features at Photography Blog
  • A different arrangement of the five colors at CNet Crave
  • A picture that makes the silver body color of the camera look cool at
  • And much more!

The camera has been added to our New Cameras of 2008 Reference, and also to the single-page market snapshot that known as The Digital Camera List, a work in progress, but a handy reference none-the-less!

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