Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Hasselblad H3DII-50 with 50-megapixel Kodak sensor is launched! (medium format)

Twelve megapixels not enough for you? 35mm DSLR sensors too small? 35mm-full-frame too small too? Well, open up your wallet, your lending tree, and your home mortgage account, because there's a new 50-megapixel monster in town!

There are three new Hasselblad products, which include the 50-megapixel monster digicam (HA!), the HTS 1.5 tilt/shift adaptor, and an HVC gizmotronic that provides power versatility. And also announced today is the 50-megapixel Kodak sensor which is of course used by the new H3DII-50.

Luminous Lanscape sheds some ...light on the new medium format ...landscape as they discuss the new products but also who might be interested in such a monster. For sure it's not for the "tired of D-Rebel, I want something better" upgraders.

Rob Galbraith was among the first to break the news, thanks to a tip by Shishir Kapadia. There you will find links to Hasselblad webpages featuring the new products, including a limited time promotion for those "moving up" from the 39-megapixel edition.

But what do the people think? Well, no better place, than check the opinionated yet non-denominational News forum at dpreview. Be sure to check the discussion there as they talk about sensor sizes, medium format full frame, and lots more!

Details from the European announcement at Photoscala.de. There you can practice your German, or exercise your computer-translator. Rumor has it, Luxemburg threatened to veto the announcement, but a compromise was reached ;-)

Photographer-blogger Chase Jarvis talks about it as well. Be sure to read the comments there, the first two posters seem to be willing to do extraordinary things for a ...shot at the H3DII-50 ;)

The Hassy USA press release can be found at Camera Town, Photography Blog, and DC Views. There you will find the specs in an easy to read format, and then compare the ISO and fps modes with your $200 digicam and say "WHAT?" :)

And now to something really interesting on a meta-level: None of the major review sites (dpreview, Imaging Resource, DC Resource) are covering the new Hasselblad, yet the high tech gadget blogs are featuring the new Hasselblad. Food for thought for the major review sites - you can pay me the consulting fees later :)

  • Giant side-view of the camera at Engadget
  • Same view from Akihabara News, blogging from Japan
  • More at CNet Asia Crave where Leonard Goh spotlights the $37,000 price. I can get 370 Kodak digicams for that price and start my own "Christmas in July" :)
  • A different view at Gizmodo.
  • Ubergizmo finds it mind-boggling
  • Wired's GadgetBlog features it as well. Do you get one for free with a paid one year subscription to Wired? :)
  • And Larry King says...

PS> And for those who are wondering, Hasselblad in Swedish means "35mm SLRs are toys" ;-) (In case it wasn't obvious, this sentence is an attempt at a joke). Revisit this post by bookmarking the permalink.

Update July 10, 2008: Megapixels rule?
All you need is a 50-megapixel sensor, and people will start getting interested. Coincidence or not? The Hasselblad HC 120mm f/4.0 Makro Autofocus Lens has been picking up momentum on the Amazon buzz tracker. Considering that it sells for $3615 via Calumet Photo, it probably didn't take a lot of unit sales to give it a big percentage boost.

But perhaps this is just another lesson learned reinforced: Megapixels sell!

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