Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Kodak Z1015 IS superzoom announced (15X IS, 28mm wide)

Kodak enters the "hyperzoom" arena with the brand new Z1015-IS (press release at Insider), making this the first Kodak superzoom to jump further than a 12X optical zoom ratio. This camera uses a 15X superzoom lens, branded as Schneider-Kreuznach Variagon And if you forget the specs, they are in the model name, 10 for 10-megapixels 15 for 15X zoom lens, and IS for image stabilization. It follows up on the Z1012-IS which was announced at PMA 2008.

Update August 4, 2008: Surprise! A dpreview forum user points out that Kodak Z1015-IS actually has RAW.

What is also nice is that the Z1015-IS starts at 28mm wide, adding itself to the list of superzooms that start at 28mm or wider. Good job in the specs, since going from 28-420mm is a lot more versatile than 35-525mm. The Z1015-IS has been added to the list of 120+ new cameras in 2008.

Amazon wasted no time and made these available for pre-orders. The Easyshare Z1015 IS goes for $350 and Amazon's very conservative estimate has a release date of October 15.

Some of the other specs of interest in the Z1015-IS:

  • PSAM (or as most people call it, PASM), meaning manual exposure control as well as shutter and aperture priority and program mode. Good!
  • histogram (live view, quick view, and review). Good!
  • lens start at f2.8 at wide end, f4.8 at tele end
  • three metering modes, which is more than you'll find on a Digital Rebel (zing!). Good!
  • Click to capture is 0.22 seconds (or 22 milliseconds)
  • Smart Capture: The Auto-mode-Emperor has new clothes
  • ISO to the moon: 6400 at 3-megapixels. As if!
  • five color modes (natural, high, low, b+w, sepia)
  • mpeg-4 HD video
  • scene modes galore
  • face detection (holding out for "hungry cat face detection mode")
  • compatible with new (optional) G610 printer dock
  • SD/MMC support with a "generous" 64MB on-board (because a 2gb SD card is about $10)
  • battery: The press release mentions nothing, but looking at the Kodak page for the Z1015 IS we can deduce that it uses the KLIC-800 LiIon

Coverage of the new Z1015 IS on the net

PS> Be careful when spelling Kreuznach, if you go by phonetic spelling, you may receive letter's from Tom Cruise's scientologist lawyers :) PS2: This joke is part of the gadget blog week, we wouldn't have posted it regularly :)

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