Monday, July 21, 2008

New Panasonic FX37 continues with 25mm wide lens

Panasonic has announced their third FX-series digital camera to start at 25mm wide this year, clearly making this the year of the wide angle compact. If you don't believe us, check the list of 30 compacts starting at 28mm or wider. Thirty after we include the four new Panasonics of today.

The Panasonic USA press release can be found at the Imaging Insider, where we learn the FX37 will ship in September for $350, and will be available in six different colors! Yum!

Meet the Panasonic FX37
The FX37 features the omni-present 10mp 1/2.3" sensor, and follows up on the FX500 and FX35 duo that was announced earlier this year. Just like those two, it has a 25-125mm 5x optical zoom lens with MegaOIS.

As much as we support RAW, it would be a stretch to expect RAW from this camera, not that we could complain or object if they did! It does have autofocus tracking, which is a useful thing, and just like the other three Lumixies, it has the new mysterious Venus Engine IV. Hopefully its images won't need IV :)

It has the "buzz" features, such as face detection, intelligent auto mode that "doesn't want to be called auto-mode", and things like that.

The camera has a 2.5" LCD (230K), and supports SD/MMC, while its LiIon battery is rated at 310 CIPA. High-def video (1280x720p @ 30fps) is a must, especially for a company who sells tons of HDTVs :)

Update! A quick search at Amazon now shows that four of the FX37 colors are available for pre-order for $350: silver, black, blue, and white, which translate to FX37S, FX37K, FX37A, and FX37W.

Coverage of the FX37 on the net

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