Monday, July 21, 2008

New Panasonic LX3, FZ28, FX150 and FX37 (executive summary)

Panasonic has just dropped four new digital cameras of interest today, covering super zooms, RAWsumers, and digi-faux-finders! Meet the new Panasonics:

  1. The highly anticipated Panasonic LX3 is finally here and generating buzz with a Leica 24-60mm f2.0 (f2.8 at tele) lens and 10mp effective 1/1.63" sensor. We had an early warning of this in the early morning.

  2. Reactions to the Panasonic LX3 around the net, including hands-on and sample pictures

  3. If you want a whole lot more the LX3, check the numerous discussions in the dpreview forums

  4. Zoom! Zoom! The FZ8 gets a replacement, the new FZ28 with 10mp and 18X MegaOIS starting at 27mm wide!

  5. The Panasonic FX150 shoots at 15-megapixels but at least it has RAW and 28-100mm MegaOIS

  6. The new Panasonic FX37 is the third Lumix this year to start at 25mm wide.

  7. The four new Panasonic models are now available for pre-ordering

  8. Panasonic Japan has made its announcement and there we learn the monthly production output numbers for each one of these four new Lumixes.

  9. Apart from the digital cameras, Panasonic also announced new camcorders today. Of interest is the use of 3MOS (as opposed to 3CCD) technology. This is of interest from a digital camera perspective to those who think the 3MOS technology may cross over into digital cameras or DSLRs. More on the 3MOS camcorders at Dealerscope and Photography Review

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