Monday, July 28, 2008

New Pentax Optio E60 pushes entry-level with 10mp 1/2.33" sensor

Hooray for fans of the Pentax Optio E-series! All three of you will be thrilled to know that today Pentax is announcing a new model, the E60 :) The press release can be found at the Imaging Insider.

Meet the Pentax Optio E60

The 10mp 1/2.33" sensor is not the only pleasant surprise in this camera. This will be popular among the "greenies" as it can take up to 200 shots on alkalines and 600+ on lithium. Being on lithium in a good kind of way. No numbers are given for AA NiMH batteries, but judging by the alkalines and lithium disposables, it looks quite promising. These are CIPA numbers based on standardized CIPA testing, so your actual usage numbers will vary.

The lens is of course your typical 3x, but it is slightly wider than usual, it starts at 32mm, which will be seen as a plus for fans of wider than 38mm, and as a minus for those who want a longer reach. The display is a thrifty one, a 2.4" (112K) which is why Pentax can make this one available at around $140. The estimated shipping date is $140. We checked Amazon as of the time of writing but did not find the E60 listed for pre-orders.

More E60 coverage on the net

The E60 has been added to the spartan yet comprehensive Digital Camera List.

Update! The Japanese announcement is now official and there we learn that the initial monthly production output will be 75,000 units per month, which makes sense for a mass-market affordable AA-based point and shoot digital camera. This and a lot more, computer-translated, via Pentax Japan.

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