Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Pentax Optio M60 joins the E60 (10mp 1/2.33", 5x optical, 210 CIPA)

Hot on the heels of the quietly announced Optio E60, Pentax follows up with the brand new battery-starved Optio M60.

Meet the Pentax Optio M60
Just like the E60, the M60 is powered by the 10mp 1/2.33" sensor, which is the sensor du jour in 2008. But the M60 features a 5x optical zoom lens, with an equivalent focal range of 36-180mm. It does not have optical or mechanical image stabilization, but offers a "digital" version, which usually means adjusting the ISO and shutter speed and things like that.

It has a 2.5" LCD (230k dots), uses SD/MMC memory cards, and is powered by the Rechargeable lithium-ion D-LI78, which has a rather low battery of 210 CIPA. Meanwhile the E60 can get there in CIPA measurements with disposable alkalines. Aye!

Coverage on the Net

We searched Amazon which usually is among the first to offer newly announced cameras, but we did not find any pre-orders as of the time of writing of this blog post.

The M60 has been added to the Digital Camera Reference List.

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