Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Phase One P65+ 60-megapixel digital back coming at Photokina says Luminous Landscape (just 0.06 gigapixels)

Luminous Landscape has just posted an exclusive preview of an upcoming 60-megapixel full-frame digital camera back from Phase One, the P65+. This will have many exciting things, including variable resolution. For all the details, be sure to check the Luminous Landscape exclusive.

This is a real preview, it's not rumors folks. In the aforementioned article, LL also reveals the maker of the sensor as well, which we won't reveal here, so as to increase the suspense like a reality TV show :) Is it Kodak? Is it Dalsa? Is it Sony? Is it Panasonic? Is it someone else?

Reactions to the Phase One P65+ full frame back on the Net
A discussion of this new 60-megapixel monster has just started in the non-denominational but very opinionated News forum at dpreview.

Time to practice your German language skills, the photographers at are discussing it!

A forum user at iStockPhoto titled his post perfectly: Envy.

Photographer Neil Duffin recaps the medium format market after the last two 50 and 60 megapixel announcements of the last couple of days.

Image Sensors World has found more on the new 60-megapixel sensor that fuels this new super-mega-giant-pixel digital back.

The new 0.06 tera gigapixel camera back is also featured at high-tech blogs Engadget and TG Daily as well as the Imaging Insider. If you say it as 0.00006 terapixels, it doesn't sound that much, after all you can buy a terabyte hard disk for less than $200 :) But if you say 60-megapixels, that's a lot!

The photographers at Studio Lightning go inside the sensor and discuss the number of microns for the medium format sensors, including the 50mp Hasselblad using a Kodak sensor announced last week.

More reactions and commentary in a few hours as more websites and forums start digesting the big new news!


Anonymous said...

I think you mean 0.06 gigapixel.

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks for the correction! I messed up the gigapixels and the terapixels and the decimal points.