Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Samsung L201 (aka SL201) is new entry-level LiIon point and shoot

You have to be a Samsung fan-addict to sort out the L200, the just announced L201 and the L210. The main difference between the L210 and L200 was that the L210 had optical image stabilization, while the L200 did not. There might be other differences, but we need Sherlock Holmes to find them :)

The L201 continues with the 10mp 1/2.33" sensor, the "standard" 3x (35-105mm) lens, a 2.7" LCD, face detection, scene modes, LiIon with USB charging, and no optical stabilization, and thus the name L201, to follow up on the L200.

Samsung UK has a mini profile page for the L201, while the Imaging Insider has the Samsung USA press release. There we learn that the USA name will be SL201 and this camera will be available in September for $170. Amazon wasted no time in making the SL201 available for pre-order with an estimated release date of September 10.

And if you love colorful cameras, you have many choices here, green, pink, black, blue, and shiny silver. Which makes it easy if you have five grandkids and you want to get them a camera for the Holidays :)

More on the SL201 (aka L201) at PhotoScala, which includes detailed specifications in German. The Samsung UK press release can be found at Photography Blog, and a summary at ephotozine.

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