Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Samsung NV100hd TL34hd ushers in the 15-megapixel era

Just hours after Serious Compacts posted a discussion on megapixels, Samsung moves the chains by announcing the new NV100hd, aka TL34hd, which should have been named NV34hd.

Yes pixel-peeping fans, Samsung jumps ahead of everyone and takes the lead, the lead in number of megapixels in compact fixed-lens cameras. The sensor size of course remains at 1/1.72", and considering the amount and the text of the reviews Samsung digital cameras have received from some of the bigger review sites, we invite you to cringe in anticipation :)

Aside the sensor kerfuffle, the camera has a 28-102mm equivalent optical zoom lens with image stabilization, and 720p video capture, to justify the "HD" in the model name. It replaces/follows the NV24hd, which was announced in early January of this year at CES 2008. Amazon USA lists it for pre-order at $330 with estimated release in early September. For comparison, the NV24hd is currently going for about $270.

Our computer-translated German is not very good, but looking at the specs at, it looks like it has some sort of a manual exposure mode. Is that direct adjustment of both shutter speed and aperture value or something else? We do not know!

Also do note that this new one starts at 28mm, while the NV24hd started at 24mm. It may not sound like a lot, but to fans of wide-angle, this is not a small difference.

The Samsung USA press release at the Insider, the Samsung UK press release at Photography Blog. Samsung Europe release in German with details specs at Photoscala. More on this at Engadget, the Megapixel blog, and Photography Review. Be sure to check the pictures in the sites above, as one of the models comes in a silver+red Battlestar Galactica color scheme, while the other one in the traditional black.

And a 120-second hands-on video preview by UK site has been posted on YouTube. They lost me when they mentioned ISO-to-the-moon as a high-tech feature :)

Update! The 15-megapixel boost to the NV100hd has not gone unnoticed in the opinionated and non-denominational News forum at dpreview, where the discussion of 15-megapixels is picking up. And how exactly did a bar story manage to surface in the discussion? :)


mrsfixit said...

15 megapixels. Why am I NOT surprised????

How much you wanna bet that Canon ups the ante and introduces a 16 MP camera at Photokina?? Then they can claim the distinction of having the world's highest MP P&S camera! Whoopee! Soccer Mom's and bimbo's everywhere will be thrilled, especially if it comes in trendy colors!

I thought this silliness had come to a plateau at least. I guess not.

I think a lot of people are watching what happens- if anything- with the Sigma DP1. A lot of us would bite if it came with even a modest zoom.

The way things are going- I am actually considering buying another Powershot A650 to keep as a spare, because in a year we'll probably have 25 MP on a 1/2.5 sensor....

1001 noisy cameras said...

LOL! I wouldn't be surprised! I'm sure the new 60-megapixel and 50-megapixel medium formats are making the 35mm and compact cameras feel "insecure" since they are under 20-megapixels for the most part.

The Sigma founder mentioned the possibility of a zoom lens in a future DP model in March, but we have to wait and see. Judging by how long it took them to release the DP1... :)

I am not allowed to bet on digital cameras. I don't want to become the next Pete Rose :)