Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Samsung NV9 TL9 dials back in time, can't decide on a name

Since we are in gadget blog week, we figured we'd give these gadget-blog-homage titles :) The main interest in the new NV9 (aka TL9) is the old-school dials (gauges) at the top of the camera. Here they are, but don't get too excited, they are showing battery life and memory card status. For giant close-ups of the dials, be sure to check Akihabara News.

Otherwise the NV9 (aka TL9 in the USA market) is a continuation of the boxy ultracompact bijou NV-series, and they have mp3 and pmp (personal media player, not pimp) capabilities too. The camera has a 5x folded optics zoom lens (38-190mm), image stabilization and uses the 10mp 1/2.33" sensor we've all come to know and love in 2008 ;-)

The USA press release at the Insider, while the UK press release at Photography Blog. Imaging Resource has posted a paper preview. Hard-core specs at

It will be available in the USA market in early September, and Amazon has it on pre-order for $280.

As you can see this camera competes with the other thin cutesy bijou ultracompacts, such as the Sony T-series, and the other folded-optics clones available in the market under the banner of different major manufacturers.

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