Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Samsung S1070 joins the entry-level S-series models

In the first of many new digital cameras today, Samsung follows-up on the S1060 and S1050 (10mp 1/1.8", 5X, AA) with the brand new S1070, which has a 10-megapixel sensor, a 3x optical zoom lens with the predictable 35-105mm equivalent focal range, a 2.7" LCD, scene modes, and it is available in pink, black, silver and white. (in German), posts the detailed specs of this model, and there we learn that it will have a 1/2.33" sensor, which is a downgrade (in sensor size) from the 1/1.8' sensor of the S1050/S850 models. Fans of AA batteries will be thrilled that this camera resisted the LiIon temptation, and it does indeed take two AA batteries.

As you can see, the new S1070 drops from a 5x optical zoom lens to a 3x optical zoom lens. There are no signs of a USA announcement for this model, but dpreview informs us that it will be available in the UK for 100 UK pounds.

More details on the S1070 at DC Views where we learn that it has face detection as well. Also mentioned at dpnow, and many other places.

And there is a very small profile of this camera at Samsung UK, where you can the back of the camera, as well as the top and 45-sideways view.

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