Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Tamron 18-270mm Di-II VC zooms past all zoom lenses

Oh boy! If you think the "horsepower" battles are only among the number of megapixels and the zoom ratio of fixed lens digital cameras, think again! Tamron has pushed the envelop(e) again, this time with an 18-270mm Di-II (digital only) VC (vibration correction, aka stabilized) lens. This is Tamron model B0003.

This roughly translates to 28-420mm, and it joins the fixed-lens superzooms with a 15X zoom ratio. Zoom! Zoom! It will be available in Canon and Nikon flavors, and the Nikon flavor will have a built-in focus motor to facilitate one of its major target audiences, the D40/D40x and D60 users.

We searched Amazon but could not find it listed for pre-orders.

Coverage on the net

Reactions in the forums
It's just 28 ounces exclaims a Nikon user.

Is this going to kill Fuji S100fs sales, asks a worried Finepix user.

The non-denominational News forum users have a detailed existential discussion.

And how good will it be asks someone in the Pentax forum.

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