Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nikon author hints of new Nikon camera (DSLR?) to be announced soon!

Veteran DSLR guidebook writer David Busch is hinting at his Amazon blog of a new Nikon camera (DSLR?) coming soon. He says, quote:

My guidebooks for the D700, D3, and a soon-to-be announced additional camera...

So that seems to suggest that there is at least one more impact Nikon camera coming up. We can't tell for sure whether this refers to a DSLR, an impact compact, or perhaps something else. The text says "camera", not "DSLR", so we cannot jump to conclusions.

And of course there could be more than one coming, but the author is planning a book about one of them.

This has been added to the Photokina Rumor Central, which is by the way less than sixty days away!

Speculation based on the above
To further clarify, guide books are usually written for DSLRs or advanced fixed-lens compacts. You are not likely to find a print guidebook or tutorial DVD for the Nikon Coolpix L18 for example, but you could find one for an advanced prosumer like the Nikon 8800 (dvd example).

So to summarize the possibilities (and this paragraph is pure speculation on my part):
  1. New DSLR (flagship, or D90/D80x or mythical modular or "insert speculation here"...)
  2. Mythical rangefinder
  3. The rumored-leaked (?) Coolpix P6000
  4. The rumored advanced fixed-lens APS-C/DX that has been wished/wanted/dreamt about
  5. etc, etc, etc


neutralday said...

Nikon D90?
Ooops...forgot D3x.

1001 noisy cameras said...

Both seem like good candidates! At least one of them is coming for sure :)