Thursday, July 3, 2008

Alert: Nikon D200 for $1000 body only (hot DSLR deal?)

Bargain hunters, this is for you: The Nikon D200 Body Only is on sale at Calumet Photo for $1000 and free shipping! And an update, as of 7/9/08, J&R World is also offering the D200 for $1000 with free shipping. So it looks like it may be its new price?

If you are not familiar with the D200 or got rusty with its pros and cons, be sure to check some of the twenty Nikon D200 reviews listed at the DSLR Reference Map. Among the people who reviewed the D200 are dpreview, IR, DCR, Thom Hogan, Bjorn at Natur Fotograf, Digital Outback, and many more!

The D700 announcement is changing the DSLR landscape one day at a time :)

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