Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nikon D3 dances with Thom Hogan - the superguru reviews it!

Some have called Thom Hogan the Doctor Who of the Nikon mount. He enters the Nikkordis and comes out with Nikon reviews! And here is his latest, the Nikon D3 review by Thom.

Hogan's review has been added to the list of Nikon D3 reviews at the spartan DSLR Reference Map. And if you like Hogan's mad skillz, he will be releasing his Nikon D3 guide in mid-August. No pre-orders it says, just wait for the release date. If you like the review, be sure to add it to your bookmarks, and follow all our boomkarks by adding to your network.

Reactions to the Nikon D3 review
And what do the Nikonians think of the review? Well, let's see, starting with a long thread in the D3D1D700 forum at dpreview. In that thread, Thom participates and responds to questions ranging from "Hi Thom" to "Thom you got it wrong". The latter a surefire way to get everyone to read your post!

The comments in this discussion contain spoilers about the review. You have been warned :) At the Nikonians forum.

And a new discussion has just started at Nikon Gear.

Nikon D3 price check
With the Nikon D700 creating a disturbance in the Nikon force, the D3 was bound to drop in price. So let's take a look at some of the most reputable online dealers, starting with the Great River. Amazon itself, sold and shipped, has the D3 for $4700 as of this moment. Other reputable sellers doing business there such as Adorama, 17th Street and Calumet, are also listing it at $4700. Same price at B&H Photo. If you search with PriceGrabber and other price comparison engines, you will find lower prices, but you are on your own there, we can't investigate every single online discounter with a too-good-to-be-true price.

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