Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nikon D3 strikes back with deeper buffer!

Question: "How can an existing digital camera improve its physical specifications?"

Answer: "When a manufacturer offers a hardware update".

And that's what is happening to the buzz-king of DSLRs, the Nikon D3! Nikon is offering this service for an extra $500. This effectively doubles the shooting buffer for most situations, while for the all-important 14-bit RAW shooters it goes from 16 to 36 (or 37) shots in FX mode (35mm full frame), depending on the RAW compression mode chosen (lossless, uncompressed, compressed). More on this via Imaging Insider, at dpreview, and Rob Galbraith. For in-depth technical details on the burst mode improvements, be sure to look for Answer ID 15997 at the Nikon tech support page.

As you can see in the picture, the Nikon D3 stares down on the competition ;-) The Nikon D3 is currently selling at Amazon by Amazon itself for $4542 with free shipping. The buffer upgrade is NOT included!

For a list of D3 reviews, be sure to check the D3 reviews page at the DSLR Reference Map. The DSLR Map is blog that is the total opposite of this one: simple and non-chaotic. The DSLR Map is the evolution (or intelligent design if you prefer) of the DSLR Review Matrix.

For future reference, here is the permalink.

Reactions in the forums
What do the Nikon users think of the upgrade? We start with dpreview, where the D3 users are discussing. Another forum user uses this to speculate on D3x. And a price talk discussion with 50+ messages.

At the radio forums (FM, Fred Miranda), a buffer upgrade discussion is picking up momentum.

And what do the Photo Net users think of the upgrade? Shun Cheung starts the discussion.

At the LL-Cool-L forums (Luminous Landscape), one user wonders what will Nikon do, and presents three options as to the future. He also brings up the potential of a "D3s".

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